Saturday, December 28, 2013

Welcome 2014 !

For those who have found their way into my murky world, a very sincere and gracious WELCOME!

As the new year rolls in I decided to add a blog to my website in order to keep people updated with my work and horrific life. I am unsure if this will be successful or simply suck. I'm sure people will let me know. Presently, I'm still recovering from a severly sprained wrist, which my dominate hand is attached to; I'm in the middle of moving and I've been experiencing some computer trouble. My new website has been close to finished for quite a while but I have allowed life to become too complicated and prevent me from completing and publishing it sooner. In any case, I'll cease my whining and bare my welcome to you once again. I appreciate your visit and hope you'll return. Tell a friend!