Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Welcome back! I'm happy to say I've finally finished these pieces and will give you the details below. All that's left is to pack and ship. Anyway, here's the last stages of progress along with the final shots.

First up we have Mr. Koo Koo Kachoo. I finally got him all suited up and permanently mounted him to the wall he shall be perched upon for the rest of his time. I aged the brick and added some rocks.

His hands were cast in resin and attached with epoxy to the armature under his clothing.

In the end, I decided to add a few mushrooms for extra affect and to fill in the space a bit more. I also added the larger jewel broach to give him a more regal appearance. Hi, I am the eggman.

Design to finished piece, with some slight alterations...

Next up we have Scruffy. She essentially has been done for a while, I just needed to add some details and get her mounted into her frame. The biggest change was adding a different prop because I wasn't happy with her holding a mere lollipop. So I made a miniature tea cup. I used a suction cup that I covered with epoxy for the saucer, a small plastic trophy party favor, which I cut the cup portion from and a small metal trinket I got from Michael's years ago for the cup handle. After attaching the handle I primered them and painted them white to be proper.

I tinted some clear epoxy to use as the tea in the cup and then printed out a small zombienose logo for the teabag handle. I used some plastic flowers to complete the scene of some imaginary garden party.

 Pip pip, cheerio!

And finally, the moment at least one of you has been waiting for....

Pumpkinface! That's right, the supernatural ghoul who manifests only when it's time to trick or treat. Ol' Pumpkiny has gotten some tune ups since we last saw him. For example, he's getting locked up with this shiny new lock and chain. And yes, it's metal - I made if from a zipper.

In addition to the gate getting mounted permanently his yard was looking kinda vacant so some other pumpkin brothers were added, and of course more vines.

I also had to make the batteries for the lights easily replaceable and accessible, as well as hidden.

Then I made and added pumpkin leaves all over the vines.

Trick or Treat, smell my feet.

Design to finished piece (with some slight alterations).

I left a notch for the battery hatch and on/off switch (just below where the chain hangs).

Thanks for watching. More projects to come! Please remember to add Zombienose to whatever social media you follow!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Final Stages...

Here it is - what I hope to be the last posting before completion, but please don't hold me to it.

Up first we have Koo Koo the egg-man's wall. Below you can see I put a preliminary coat of paint and ground moss on his base. The small plank of wood you see atop the wall is just to engineer the mount for the character (a 1/4 gauge wire will secure him to the base).

And then he will be mounted like this. I also placed a few plants around to give an idea of what will be next. He will also get a final paint job on his face/head and hands.

I posted this picture before, but wanted to remind you of what it will look like. He needs some paint but besides that I just need to hide the wire for the lights and finish the rod iron gate. 

Since I didn't have any softer metal I used magic sculpt to make the arrowheads for the bars. I will add hinges and a lock with chain to complete the gate detail.

Here I thought it would be fun to show how I made a lot of the leaves. I painted some paper on both sides, folded it several times and cut out the leaves.

I fold them to give them dimension.

Then I painted some yellow veins on the leaves.

This may appear confusing. It's Scruffy taped up so I can spray some black stripes on.

And here she is without the tape masking. Her frame is unpainted below and I've decided that I will add a teacup as the prop she holds in her hand instead of the lollipop, which doesn't read very well. The teacup is more suiting. 

I'm hoping the next blog posting will conclude these characters, but as I mentioned, please don't hold me to it. 


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