Monday, May 26, 2014

There was Blood...

Back when I was alive I used to dream of  being an artist for a living. So here I am trying to bring some minimal amount of joy to the universe by creating and producing a few fun art pieces. Now let's leave my yapping behind and show you what I'm talking about.

Below is a photoshop version of the direction I'm aiming for... PumpkinFace is coming!

I'm not sure if I'll add the bird skulls on the ground or go with something else. We'll see...

Here's the real thing I'm working on and the stage it's at. First off, I molded the sculpted head with silicone and cast a hollow resin copy.

Then I just placed the head and body together for some photo ops.

I wanted to see how it might look with the lights in before I called it a night and was pleased with the results. The lights actually glow blue as they are depicted in my original design, but this photo was taken with the room lights out so you could see the blue lights glowing and it looks cool this way so deal with it. 

Ok. Guess who's up next? Mr. Koo Koo Kachoo (Humpty Dumpty). I didn't get much done with him because I slammed my head into a sharp metal bar. There was blood. Anyway, I did get him sanded a bit smoother and acquired some exceptional spat-like dress shoes for him so that he might retain some dignity and go out into the world looking his best. His hands won't be permanently attached until I get his coat and clothes on him.  I am the Walrus!

So to give you a better idea I painted him with primer and wrapped an old shirt around him to show him off.

Last but not least is the world's next big superstar sensation, Scruffy! Like her egg-brother, I didn't make as much progress with her. I did however get her hands together and decide on her composition. She will be holding and admiring a vintage looking Halloween candy sucker.  Sounds exciting doesn't it? I'll try to get her custom Zombienose frame ready for her arrival next week. 

Thanks for joining me for another fun-filled blog-a-thon. I hope you're not getting sick of these things yet!

Here's a link to a friend's twitter page. He posts awesome pics of his work!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fairytales from the Dark Side

Mary had a little lamb who's fleece was white as snow...

But in this case - 
Zombienose had a little cat who's fur was blue as a crayon.

That's right, they're back! I feel a little guilty as my latest art pieces aren't further along. But don't worry, I'll get back in the saddle.

So here's the latest skinny...

Scruffy - the most ridiculously bright blue fur to be assigned to a halloween kitty. I went ahead and painted the fuzzball's face but have yet to add the whiskers and paws. I'm still debating the stripes upon her fur, but am leaning toward doing this. We shall see...

Our next contestant is a spry young loner destined to spread joy across the land - My version of legendary fairytale grandaddy Humpty Dumpty. His name is Mr. Koo Koo Kachoo and there's no yellow mellow custard underneath his indestructable shell. As you can see he's now gained hands and legs, as well as more coverage of his face/body - slowly edging his was to smoother hard shell status. I will sand him as if he were my own child. He will be a neat piece when he's perched upon his wall and gazing back at the viewer with a look that softly whispers, "Buy Me."

And here he comes to save the daaayyyy!
I was very close to molding his head tonight, but was suckerpunched with exhaustion so this will happen during the week. I may add some paint shadows and highlights to his roots also. I will definitely include some more of the green vines. The most progress I made on this homeboy is getting his hands attached, although I may still sweeten them up a bit. The string of lights on the left side of the picture are blue lights and will illuminate his insides to match the photoshop design just behind him. The ridiculously long stem on his head is not a final addition either. If this little guy was a little rascal he'd be named Alfalfa.
Well, that's all I've got. Pathetic, isn't it? Please don't give up on me. I will keep posting progress records as I progress. 

Please be kind & check out the newest Original Art section of! They sell prints of my work.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Ballad of Humpty, Scruffy & PumpkinFace

Progress - We have a bit more to show as the pieces are coming along quite dandy. I cut my finger today so it made working with epoxy and acetone based fabric glue all that much more pleasurable. Why do I ever take my gloves off?

Ok, enough whining. So first up, we have the blue kitty! I dub thee Scruffy! Behold the Blue Below.

This is a fun one because I'm just making it up as I go. You'd be surprised at how many pieces I've done this way - some of my favorites actually. Anywubba, this blue kitty will include whiskers and paws. She already has her tail. Her face/head is cast in resin and that is just a base coat of paint. I will try to get her face painted next. I'm also debating adding some stripes to her body. If you feel strongly one way or another about this please voice your opinion. That way I will at least know that somebody actually read this blog and I'm (Hi, this is a cry for attention) not wasting my life staring at a computer at night alone.

And comin' 'round the bend is Humpty Dumpty! He is the furthest behind in terms of progress. I'm not sure why... I like eggmen - Koo Koo Kachoo! Though I haven't yet allowed this fellow the time he deserves, I am very excited about this one. As I mentioned in the previous blog posting that I intend to create a series of fairytale characters. I plan on having this feller sit his rump upon a wall. The bumpy clay slowly forming the shape of his head is magic sculpt - an epoxy putty that hardens after a few hours. It's tough stuff. If this guy had a great fall there would be no need for any king's horses or men. He would probably not even crack.

Ok, last but not least is PumpkinFace - the last starfighter. I had done a drawing of this character years ago and just found it again recently when I moved. I then updated it in photoshop and got a better feel for what direction I was going to take him. The head is sculpted in Chavant (an oil based clay) and will be molded with silicone, then cast hollow in resin... as in holloween. Geez, I'm corny!
Moving along, my plan was to have some battery operated led lights illuminating the blue inner glow you see in the sketch. I can see the lights sitting next to this piece in the last picture I posted below.

 Here's a shot of the 3 I'm working on. Please forgive the stiffness of my pets as these are just the beginning stages.

That's all I've got for you at this time. Bare with me as I like to take on many projects at once. It keeps things from getting boring. I have a couple of shows lined up for Halloween this year so I will have to get things sped up a bit! Thanks for reading and validating my existence. I'm Zombienose. I make things.
yours truly,

Here's my friend Jordu Schell's website. He's a master creature designer:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Birth is an act of Madness!!

I'm pooped!! When you lose sleep it seems impossible to regain your previous level of alertness. Oh well.

So in keeping with this episode's title, here's the first documented installment, the birth if you will, of three new pieces for various exhibitions, including the Hallowbaloo show later this year. Below you'll see my Humpty Dumpty, a blue fuzzy halloween costume guy on the left side and my pumpkinhead guy. These are in the VERY beginning stages so have mercy.

Humpy Dumpty will have a wall to sit on (see the green foam blocks?) I threw some Magic Sculpt epoxy putty on to give him a recognizable nose so you can see what I'm planning. Toward the bottom you can see the old sketch I did and updated photoshop rendition next to it, which I will base the pumpkin head piece on. I'm slupting him in chavant clay and will be molding him to eventually cast in resin. I have no idea what I'm doing with the blue fuzzy guy except that I might give him cat ears. I'll just wing it with that piece - that's the fun part of these things.

In other news, I have no other real news. I am grateful I got a tax refund, though!


If you have the chance, please check out my friend's website.

Aloha for now and stay out of trouble!