Monday, May 26, 2014

There was Blood...

Back when I was alive I used to dream of  being an artist for a living. So here I am trying to bring some minimal amount of joy to the universe by creating and producing a few fun art pieces. Now let's leave my yapping behind and show you what I'm talking about.

Below is a photoshop version of the direction I'm aiming for... PumpkinFace is coming!

I'm not sure if I'll add the bird skulls on the ground or go with something else. We'll see...

Here's the real thing I'm working on and the stage it's at. First off, I molded the sculpted head with silicone and cast a hollow resin copy.

Then I just placed the head and body together for some photo ops.

I wanted to see how it might look with the lights in before I called it a night and was pleased with the results. The lights actually glow blue as they are depicted in my original design, but this photo was taken with the room lights out so you could see the blue lights glowing and it looks cool this way so deal with it. 

Ok. Guess who's up next? Mr. Koo Koo Kachoo (Humpty Dumpty). I didn't get much done with him because I slammed my head into a sharp metal bar. There was blood. Anyway, I did get him sanded a bit smoother and acquired some exceptional spat-like dress shoes for him so that he might retain some dignity and go out into the world looking his best. His hands won't be permanently attached until I get his coat and clothes on him.  I am the Walrus!

So to give you a better idea I painted him with primer and wrapped an old shirt around him to show him off.

Last but not least is the world's next big superstar sensation, Scruffy! Like her egg-brother, I didn't make as much progress with her. I did however get her hands together and decide on her composition. She will be holding and admiring a vintage looking Halloween candy sucker.  Sounds exciting doesn't it? I'll try to get her custom Zombienose frame ready for her arrival next week. 

Thanks for joining me for another fun-filled blog-a-thon. I hope you're not getting sick of these things yet!

Here's a link to a friend's twitter page. He posts awesome pics of his work!