Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hold Me Closer Tiny Paintings

So I cranked out some tiny paintings...

A few years ago I was given these small canvas' and I only used one for an art piece titled, "The Collector". (pictured below).

Anyway, they have been sitting here in stand-by mode for too long so I finally took some time and threw some paint on them. I always start just by getting some color on them first.

Even though these were just impulsive ideas, it gave me a starting point. I changed the skull into a pumpkin head, but I wish I had kept the skull. Oh well. I fleshed out the pieces a bit more, but was still finding my way. Much more to adjust...

After playing around a bit more I found my direction with the cat and the blue guy but they still need refining. I apologize for the poor quality of my camera phone. It was one of those days.

With more refining, the cat was completed and the blue boy with red hair was taking shape. I worked a bit on the yellow faced guy, but ended up painting a mask on him and losing my way. I essentially finished the cat painting and signed it only to revisit it later with some more highlights. It was then that I painted over my signature and decided to sign all pieces on the side of the canvas so it wouldn't be distracting.

Because I was utterly displeased with the yellow faced guy and the pumpkin heads I eliminated them and began anew. Who doesn't like a smoking mummy?

When in doubt always choose a pitchfork. Yes, I plopped on some horns and painted a little devil. And I finally found my way painting a satisfactory pumpkin. 

I added a little more color to the pumpkin then called it quits. You can see below. Here are the final pieces:

2 in. X 3 7/8 in.

3in. X 3in.

2in. X 2 3/4in.

2 1/2in. X 3 1/2in.

Thanks for reading! On my next blog I'll show the process of mask making!


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