Monday, July 7, 2014

The Final Stages...

Here it is - what I hope to be the last posting before completion, but please don't hold me to it.

Up first we have Koo Koo the egg-man's wall. Below you can see I put a preliminary coat of paint and ground moss on his base. The small plank of wood you see atop the wall is just to engineer the mount for the character (a 1/4 gauge wire will secure him to the base).

And then he will be mounted like this. I also placed a few plants around to give an idea of what will be next. He will also get a final paint job on his face/head and hands.

I posted this picture before, but wanted to remind you of what it will look like. He needs some paint but besides that I just need to hide the wire for the lights and finish the rod iron gate. 

Since I didn't have any softer metal I used magic sculpt to make the arrowheads for the bars. I will add hinges and a lock with chain to complete the gate detail.

Here I thought it would be fun to show how I made a lot of the leaves. I painted some paper on both sides, folded it several times and cut out the leaves.

I fold them to give them dimension.

Then I painted some yellow veins on the leaves.

This may appear confusing. It's Scruffy taped up so I can spray some black stripes on.

And here she is without the tape masking. Her frame is unpainted below and I've decided that I will add a teacup as the prop she holds in her hand instead of the lollipop, which doesn't read very well. The teacup is more suiting. 

I'm hoping the next blog posting will conclude these characters, but as I mentioned, please don't hold me to it. 


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