Monday, October 27, 2014

For your Halloween Pleasure

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of the progression photos. I took them using my smart phone to put this edition together - I was in the moment and the moment was lit poorly at times. Anyway, I wanted to offer a visual explanation of my illustrating process. This is the final result and below is the progression. I hope you enjoy it. This ink illustration is entitled, "Mabel" 14 X 17in.

So, of course, I begin with a pencil sketch:

With step 2, as you can see, I begin to add ink to the larger and darker areas of shadow.

I'll continue this process a bit and continue to define the form with a finer line (using a finer pen).

More of the same progression.. Now you get a clearer sense of the figure's silhouette. Watch the broom straw grow!

I tend to jump around to different areas of the figure so I don't get bored scratching lines for hours and filling in the shadows. It's very satisfying to step back and see the shapes develop depth.

I can almost hear the cackling now and it's directed at me, while I wrestle with patience to complete this illustration. 

After hours of carefully layering ink and dragging it across acid free illustration paper this was the result (below).

I also made a time-lapse video of the process for your entertainment. Enjoy!

And finally, I put this together so you could see them all side by side. 


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