Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm Only Happy When I Forget the Things I'm Suppose to Remember

Hello dear Reader,

Tonight, I shall first sicken you with shameless bragging about my last group art show, which went very well at the Night Gallery in Santa Ana, Ca. (You can see photos here: www.facebook.com/nightgalleryoc)... Proceeds from the sale will benefit the belly of you're friendly neighborhood Zombienose. Most importantly, I must thank Jeremy Cross and the Night Gallery for letting me be a part of the show. Thanks Jeremy!

In other news, this blog will be updated with more content as time allows. Presently, time is not being very kind but I don't give up easy. Have mercy you cursed tick tock! My plan is to post a more organized record of my art process and allow those interested in my work a more convenient venue to view to access my meaningless blah blah. I have some interesting new art pieces planned and am looking forward to unleashing them. Also, I have yet to officially add this blog to my website but will let you know when I do so I can pretend I'm more important than I actually am.

Anyways, if you're interested in any available art pieces, please visit my website and contact me for more details about anything - I know everything. Please don't be frightened, I won't bite, I swear. And if I don't reply immediately it's only because I'm saving the world. I will respond at some point, I promise.

THE LAST TIDBIT: Check out my friend's brilliant invention and buy a pair at jaaahws.com!