Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm not anti-social, YOU'RE ANIT-INDIVIDUAL!!!

I will be designing and creating a series of fairy tale characters. This is my first attempt, just a photoshop mock up. This series is among the other one hundred thousand projects that I plan to complete. Anyhoops, besides Humpty Dumpty I'm hope to create a caterpillar, a crooked man, and peter pumpkin eater.

In other news, I'll be exhibiting the Hallowbaloo event in Seattle, WA later this year, which means I'll be cranking out some Halloween themed pieces as well... This will take place just before Halloween I believe. I'll post more about this as we come closer to the show. I'm hoping it will be a blast!

Speaking of Halloween, I have so many Halloween costumes planned it's ridiculous. I still have my scary scarecrow, but I really want to buildy buildow a robot costume. Here's a picture of my scary scarecrow I built a while back:
That's all I've got for now. Next time I'll share my valentines day story, for laughs and shame. 
Thanks for reading. Tune in next time - same zombat time, same zombat channel!

Check out my friend Chet's website. His work is incredible: